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2006-11-29 23:28


min första text. konstruktiv kritik och tips gillas. Och ja, den är inte speciellt lång.

Being a loner, while I ain't.
Looking for the answer, while I ain't.
Ain't a saint, got few complaints.
Living in a apartment with my mom.
Where I'm from. You can't smell the napalm.
You can't witness the pogrom.
You can't hear the falling bomb.
You might think it's all fun and games.
But I tell you, this ain't no fucking sitcom.
Outside the frame you can see how faces inflames.
People wanting fame.
Through violence, streets they claim.
The streets gave them their name.
But they only got themself to blame.
When they end up on the road to hell.
Like a bomb their reality fell.
All they got now is their name and shame.
But it ain't worth nothing in hell.
I bid thee farewell.