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it's not all loving, fool

Vår Hiphop - Lyricism


2006-11-19 11:41

it's not all loving, fool

Nowadays rappers sell out before they get paid
Jumpstart to the junkyard, shits played
…but DJs enlist to persist
Really doe, french kiss this clenched fist
Catch fillings like Nazi dentists
Hitchhike the road to riches and come back with the medics
Cutting ways thru enemy ranks
A clear conscious in rap equals memory blanks
Grab those diamonds, greed pays
In these days, we walk the weak ways
Fuck it, I claim outcast
When even Mobb Deep sold out to sound scan

What you trying to be
I’m tired of see
Emcees keep it real but never true
It’s not all loving, fool



"I'll get the mexicans to fuck up Xzibit again if he don't pimp my ride" - Celph Titled