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Went from greatness to statements

Vår Hiphop - Lyricism


2006-11-18 15:07

Went from greatness to statements

Kid's got no style
Act all wild, stacked up rhymes from time to time
Lyricism gone bastardized
Osiris is: Keeping you roaches happy in coaches clapping
The vocals packing my throat's hatches, I come out blasting
Like hundred pounds explosive gadgets and ferocious matches
Packed in my lips, about to be mixed with corrosive acid
Putting hoes in past tense with a flow immaculate
Only 'celerating the energetics of what's supposed to happen
I'm Eve's desire breathing fire getting Jesus father
Pleed the reason for the tree of Eden..
My greed is acting on clean reaction
I'm standing up to reach the apples and see what happens
While other cats props their raps I'm departing to violence
Gripping the sparkle of talent, twisting it from charcoal to fire
With more skill than any of ya'll can aqcuire!

Blow me, better than ever, the battle rapper
Writing on a forums deathbed
Fuck Jågurt, Joto, Neobica, Profile and every average faggot
Who ever dropped a text on this scrotum webpage

norman bates behemot
bubba fett alfred bello
arthur's detour azazello