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hypeshit - get your mind right

Vår Hiphop - Lyricism


2006-10-24 08:16

hypeshit - get your mind right

sayin im a failure thats waitin to happen
what am i doin? why am i rappin?
all the haters be talkin n laughin
speakin that shit but aint no action
comin up quick, now shut ya lips now
ima get ya rich so talk that shit now
cops investigaton callin me a menace
the haters is fake and they all pretenders
say im no good but they aint no better
ya bitch might like you but ima get her wetter
call me chucky cheese coz im gettin that cheddar
the fat lady, i aint never met her
takin over, gotta face the facts
the truth im hot ya all boys is whack
the truth im real ya all just an act
and what i got ya all bitches lack
like a heart that dont stop, chest like a rock
a mouth spittin hot, shit i call it my glock
fully loaded ammunition, packin heat
you can say what you want, but i disagree
some friends i had is now enemies
coz the money i see i dont give em for free
i dont owe u shit, dawg you owe me
from tha bottom to the top in a minute
recognize that, dont hate coz i did it
you mad that i live it, i stole ya dream
an ima live it to the fullest till they bury me
so how ya gonna say that how ya gonna speak it
hate is motivation im gonna keep it
underground secret started to leakin
word on the streets: im hot they wanna peep me

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