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Emil Brikha - The Brick wall.

Vår Hiphop - Lyricism


2006-10-01 03:51

Emil Brikha - The Brick wall.

Two wills from opposite directions on the same path
will collide on two sides of the same brick wall that cracks.
Cracks cause debree and dust.
And if you’re not careful, you will choke.
Unhappy relationship dust really gets in your lunges and messes you up.
As you cough dust clouds you better pray for the wind to blow.
This is why you need to remove bricks and pieces, for the wind to pass through.
But, be careful where you lay those bricks though
because you might hit your toe or trip and fall if you’re not careful.
Helping someone to get up from the other side of a thick brick wall is pretty damn hard.
That’s is why you need to remove bricks and pieces so the other one can see you.
Speak in a kind and gentle voice to support and help your partner up to his (or her) feet.

Watch which bricks you take down first.
Don’t be over eager, don’t be an over achiever.
All things have there time and place
and if you start fucking with the wrong brick
it will tear the whole damn wall down on you.
And you’re no good to anyone, dead.


Carefully take the pieces down and throw them as far as you can, TO THE SIDE!
You never through bricks behind yourself because you never know when you need to back up.
You never throw bricks in front of you because why? You might hit your partner off course.
If you are lucky to miss your partner, the bricks will eventually be in your way, in one way or another.


Never try to jump over a half smashed wall. Maybe you’ll underestimate the width or the height and fall down face first.

Take your time looking at your partner, studying your partner, watching your partners every move to figure out how she (or he) lifts wrong, or throws wrong.
There’s really no universal right or wrong, you just know it when you see it. Speak in a kind and gentle voice to help your partner. Listen and make sure you’re not standing knee-deep in your on rubble by your feet. Create a clear path for yourself, and then speak.


Take a break from time to time
and always drink from your own water bottle, unless it’s empty.
But you never, ever empty anyone else’s water bottle.
Take a sip and say thank you. Then, give it back until it is handed to you again.

When you’ve seen how your partner lifts wrong,
or throws wrong you probably know which muscles are aching.

Because you paid attention.

Now, you use a gentle but firm grip to massage and sooth those muscles.
He (or she) will know that you paid attention while
She (or he) worked his (or her) ass off.
He (or she) will hopefully return the favour.

When the path is cleared you look behind one last time, you look to the sides one last time. You look forward at a clear path for the first time and walk, side by side.

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