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pigeon - sleeplss nights (spoken word typ?)

Vår Hiphop - Lyricism


2006-09-30 03:39

pigeon - sleeplss nights (spoken word typ?)

i might come off as dumb and depressed
an ignorant fool bitchin bout school
and how he's flooded with stress
dosen't get rest, all those sleepless nights
but says he's feelin aight but just seeks peace and quiet
so im lightin the spliff,
soak gin and rum til im stoned, pissed and drunk
and so lost in my head
i forget to even give a fuck

Im gettin tired of it, but my conscious is dead
someone toss me a friend before I start tauntin myself
kinda pathetic to be third wheel at a date with jack and mary jane
at a tacky place, trapped in shame and a lack of faith
now tell me to look for brighter days even though you dont believe it
but its easy to say, when your free from ghosts and demons
I need to drop the pokerface, fold my game and do nice deeds
but I try and clear my skeletons, but just get em drycleaned
I need wings of an angel, and fly to the top of the mountain
have a coctail and lounge, even if it cost me a thousand