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Ramuz - The Place

Vår Hiphop - Lyricism


2006-09-20 23:23

Ramuz - The Place

tjaooo min första text så ta de lite lugnt me för hård kritik asså, å så blev de på engelska fast hade svårt å komma på nån refräng bara men iallafall.

The Place

Vers 1 

this is our place, the place there we chill
be out of the danger zone so you don´t get killed
I like this shit, the best be sure
take home the hoes, you don´t get bored

so bitch, get the fuck out of here
you looks like a chicken in underwear
cuz I´m a pimp, I have the technique
the eyes the charisma that get every chick

Vers 2

the place, even called the drogstore
but your not welcommed, so go to the next door
muthafucka run for ya life before the AK blow
and I show your bloody body in my TV show

this is the hood, my fuckin hood
and I ain´t scared, even for the bloods
gang bang us, you will lose anyway and be lost
cuz I Ramuz, the muthafuckin boss

Vers 3

Now you now who I am, so whatch out
I am the gangsta that you read about
I am dangerous, a respected man
known well, famous like big bang

the niggahs behind me, theirs skillet ready on my side
so go early to bed or die when we´re going by
now you say that I´m talking a lot
but it´s my CD´s that sells, so I got the pott


time isn't wasted when you're getting wasted .