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stopher - true love is rare

Vår Hiphop - Lyricism


2006-08-14 14:56

stopher - true love is rare

Skrev en låt till min flickvän, ska spelas in till ett beat utav
Återkommer med audio när det är klart.

With my words I'd try to describe for you//
this inner feeling, as a light shine through//
I've been touched by an angel and my heart has been blessed//
you impressed me so much and I'm almost possessed//
like earth wind and fire, I feel this big desire//
just to see your eyes looking back at me//
to clear things up, I'd let you know this//
I've dreamt of a girl, who give so much love in just a kiss//
and when my lips touched yours I fell for you//
you're my woman-in-dreams but your so real and so true//
can wishes come true or am I the luckiest guy ever?//
cuz each day by your side, I'd like to spend together//
just one more thing, letting you know this too//
I fell in love with an angel, and now I love you//


as the wind were breezing right through your hair//
while we stood there freezing, it was so unfair//
you looked so unaware of the cold, cold summer night, but//
right under the moonlight, I held you so tight//
as the spoken words were said in the silence of love//
I floated on pink clouds, with you high up above//
18th july will always make me fly//
a date to remember, babe you and me knows why//
our secret as well as that "two" is a magic number//
cuz I've spent many years looking, and I found you this summer//
and if you are my sunshine, what am I to you?//
I try to describe my feelings so true//
Touched by an angel and kissed by the same//
I hope you know babe, in my heart stands your name//