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Sodapop & Slim Frank - Fumpble

Vår Hiphop - Lyricism


2006-04-01 00:26

Sodapop & Slim Frank - Fumpble

En låt om amerikansk fotboll)En låt om amerikansk fotboll

Name: Fumble
Artist: Sodapop, Slim Frank
Beat: 50 Cent - Swizz Beats

Runnin' Down The Pitch, It's Kickoff Time
On The 10-Yard Line, And I'm Feelin' Fine
QB's Screemin' "Blast, Blue, 5"
The Ball's Comin' Towards Me, But Im Tackled From Behind (Tackled From Behind)
I'm Down On The Ground, Screemin' My Ass Off
Pain In My Back, The Tackle Was Ruff
That Was A Fumble But E Picks It Up U See
The Ball's Now Saved, Hes Runnin' For a TD
Another Touchdown, And Now Some Awesome Stats (Stats)
This Is Way Better Than Fighting With Gats (Gats)
My Heart Has The Shape Of A Wilson Ball
My Opponent Is Done And Starts To Crawl
It's A Risky Sport, The Blood Drains From His Head
A Dangerous Hit, He Might Be Dead (Might Be Dead x4)

Raise Your Guard, The Ball's 'Bout To Fumble
Chase Him Down, And Get Ready To Rumble
Not Many Survive, A Hit Like That
Don't Be A Twat, Throw Away The Crap

Slim Frank
Oh Shit! Got To Run Quick
Just Got The Ball, Thank God My Armor's Thick
Got A Tackle That Gave Me Illusions
Came Up Wit All Sorts Of Crazy Conclusions
Saw Faye Naked In A Pile Of Hay
Didn't Want To Seem Gay, So I Stood Up
Shook Of The Pain, Heard Eco Screemin' In The Rain
Dunno What To Do
Hear "5 Blast Blue"
Stood Up On My Legs, Like A Man
Ready To Take Tackles From A Battering Ram
Runnin' Fast Evaded A Hit, Oh Shit
Evo's Down, Got My Feet On Solid Ground
All I Heard Was Crowd Cheering And A Yell, Touchdown!


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