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Vår Hiphop - Lyricism


2005-12-31 22:38


Do you know anyone who makes you smile
anyone who brings you happiness just for a while
Don’t you feel a bit distracted missplaced and undercover
people seem to hate you and place their love at some other
And still there’s something you feel inside
it comes out how even how hard hide it busts out and you cry
But there are someone who is my heart’s armour
I will hunt you down and kill you if you harm her
I have so much love to give her
but what happens when I try to show it
my inside makes me afraid and I feel it closin’
Just when I’m trying to tell her the truth
I feel a bit misscuraged and I don’t wanna know the truth
it seems that the past has comed back to bite you
but you can’t smile cause all old friends dispite you to
I’m making mommy cry, sayin’ to my self it’s the last line
I slit my wrist because of that six hundred people judged me the last time

All I ever wanted was to be loved and once clock it
I put a Gun to my head screaming die Zee die and pop it
All I ever tried was to make the right choice
but it’s hard when people don’t listen to the words in my voice

I have a recoming dream that I’m running from someone
but he scares me more than anything or any gun
He’s closing on me and I’m running crying and I bleed
I fall down and I just see that he is me
That keeps me questioning, why is mommy crying?
I don’t know daddy doesn’t hit me, am I lying
No daddy don’t you promised, you give me pain
the only one whos been lying is you daddy, this is what I’m sayin’
You lied to me dad, you just wanna drink
I will never leave my daughter or son for a drink
Never hit them neather, they’d be my divine saviours
I know you love your kids now, but it’s to late to save yours
I try to survive how will I do it? take a pill
”I bet you will so sit there still”
While daddy hit me until I died, laying dying on the floor
but this has always been my wish so what am I whyning for?

Här har ni titanernas Gud
kaxigaste mannen eller hur!!