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PunchLine-BattleRap... Part 1

Vår Hiphop - Lyricism


2005-12-20 17:01

PunchLine-BattleRap... Part 1

it gets hectic inside, when i start flowin i go from Jeckyl to Hyde
i said fuck rhymes lets DRAW guns.. so u started to pencil a nine
LISTEN, coz how y’all plan to SEE tomorrow when i svere ya vision
the new giant is here.. betta hail to me like bad-weather conditions
only way you’ll steal this win is if u come back with some thieves
you like Ray Charles coz you can´t take a glance at these KEYES
scared right coz im fresher than air tight.. i bet you run from duels
dude you gettin CUT on-line like nerds waitin for lunch at school

y’all thought I was finished.. naw this is a fucking warm up :P
dude thinks he can battle me.. pliis (PR, PR, PR haha)

i spit bar rhymez that elevate to levels above where star shines
rape ya with steel clocks so ya can see how it feels to do hard time
like a belly-ring i´ll pierce your intestines n tech a good lesson
and like a legless bitch, you be down for everything i´m suggestin
maaayn.. the screaming fact is, on whoa YOU seem the wackest
and ya verses couldn’t raise HAIRS if you was breeding rabbits
if ya think "outside the box” I´ll bury ya mind beneath the cascet
coz it´s over and i make ya’ll disappear like I´m teaching magic

not finished.. third verse..

ill be silent to prove it.. your whack nursery rhyming should do it
cant make me belive that ´your-ass-sick´ like the dinosaur movie
im trough with this shit, im cruel with the witt and the truth of it is
you useless and shit, couldn’t spit hard if you was chewing a brick
better be quick and take the hits like a man when we settlin shit
when I kick this keys im like anthrax mail, coz every letter is sick
me bowing down on whoa? dude keep dreamin on and pinch tight
i’ll abandon this, leavein ya battling yo’self like a skitzo bitch fight

..dessa rader har jag också kickat i mina battles på SVU under årets gång.. om nån nu tycks känna igen dom :-)

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