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Viszla - Family

Vår Hiphop - Lyricism


2005-11-29 19:25

Viszla - Family

"Listen, I just wanna take a little moment with you all,
make you understand a couple of things that I've been trough"

yeah 1988 was the year a new child started to grow
the last child in this big family was born
iv got love from the start, i got two broders
and one sister that was there for me
but things changes now we are all apart

and the years did too, left alone with my mom'e
dad runaway and took the bottle with him
last thing he did was kicking me and mah mom
i cant forget that, damn its was hard times
but things changes, from a child to a grown man
only seventeen years old

"man i'v almost cry when i wrote this
imagne me spittin this"

yeah catharina I understand now when u told me
to live this life slower, but the only thing i can do now
its say iam sorry and keep on walking on my story

peter and daniel my big broders
what can i say about you, got big love for you
iknow you both are there for me but it feels strange
when i think about it, i almost dont know you peter
what happend there did we lose contact some where.
iam glad if we can sit down talk shit out
maybe grab an beer and go out
from one brother to another lets move to the other
daniel you are the one iv been most cool with
you got one wife and two beautifull kids jao
i promise you i will always be there for you
you got my number all you need to do is call me

but the meening of this song is that i wanna tank you all
my brothers and my sister and the mom i got
and all those who been ther for me
when hell broke down
i cant say it wont happend again and sorry really am
just wanna start this music shit and get good with it
maybe gather everyone in the family sitt down and lissin to this shit

iv got love for you all freinds, family or if you are my girl
there will be notting thats means more then you all
no crack, will ever take that feeling away
believe me when i say i love you all

"and i will always be there for my people u know
if you need anything please let me be the one to know"

bitarna med "snack" i bakrunden tänkt ska bli :)

ah men komentera vettja ;)