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MaQue - Thousand pieces of an image

Vår Hiphop - Lyricism


2005-10-09 23:16

MaQue - Thousand pieces of an image

I want to see you but there´s things i cant see through
I want to feel you but these feelings make me scream too
I want to be you and give you life like the streets do
Its lethal for me to be around all these strange peoples
I need too breath too, if there will be any sequal
Does these clothes make me bigger than the image in the peephole
An image...a 1000 words in a blank white paper
Time strangeling me and i ask can there be a minute besides later
I hate to be late to all these things i cant relate to
I pay dues just just to enslave you and show that i can be braver
Please mister, just a favour, recognise my flavour
and i will repay you with love, you see, i´m not a hater
Words..one thousand of an image..
Show me the place where i can go free
And only be lonely and stay true and sorry
I will not sink my ship, don´t you worry

En dikt, inte en "rap", så döm utefter den mallen :p

Kritik tack.