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ATC- Yes, I am a genious

Vår Hiphop - Lyricism


2005-05-11 22:43

ATC- Yes, I am a genious

yes, I am a genious
depressed with less motivation to the truth than the press
but press play to mabye wake me up
and make me try my luck again
so plug me in
I must get out this sin filled hystery
they refill the history
slay and kill the mystery, of human beens
fill us with hate and ungratefullness
so rescue me
from the rest of these
discusting freaks
including me
it's so cruel to see
how we put ourselves in misery
so fogive me when I leave
gonna find a place
where I can stay
as long as the day turns off it lights
and i just might find a way to keep my own shine on fire
without a lighter
with no doubts
no shout outs
and yes, I am a genious
impressed by my own emptyness

~~~War, Hate & Confusion~~~