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Wanna be one of them..

Vår Hiphop - Lyricism


2005-05-02 21:16

Wanna be one of them..

One of them who walks with a smile,
a smile from within, an easy backpack on the side
But no matter what I do, there´s pain I gotta hide
damn nobody knows, nobody´ve seen,
and I can never tell truth,
Im a broken child withoutta youth
Momma, all those years we neva got
all those tears that never dried
how u say ur happy when ur not
Cuz I saw; you really tried
It hurts me so bad this pain is eating my last spark
and when I lost XX too I got left alone in the dark
Feels like Im trapped and there´s no way to get out
without u my love, I just cant see what life´s about
Nuthin takes the pain away miss u so mutch,
no matter how hard I look, I just cant see a brighter day
cant beg u to cum back, we both know it´s too late
But I got nuthin left, showing that Im real,
Nothing pure close, nothing I can feel

If I die before I wake (PAC) from this nightmare that I hate, I pray the Lord my soul´ll take (PAC)

Give me a place to exhale, Im tired of waiting for better days
My body´s young but yet so tired like IM rolled up on a wire, A place of peace and quiet, will be my last requier