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Long Time No Word

Vår Hiphop - Lyricism


2005-04-05 16:17

Long Time No Word

Tänkte lägga upp en text som jag arbetar med...tackar för åsikter...

It’s life’s strange ways, shout-outs and tears from
Moms left alone to never knew who my father is
It’s the school education, each one teach one but I
Was thought wrong, weed in the bong got some feeling
All good, knock on wood if you thinking it’s good
To walk true life in the shadows of the forgotten
Knowing ya’ might end as nobody, who’s somebody?
It’s body, soul and deep concentration, meditation
To see how the time fly by without really knowing
What future holds, seen the cold world we’re living in
Don’t need to grow old to see its life and death
In-between some slave to their very last breathe
Smoking ses since the brutality, some escape their reality
Can you relate? To war and suffer, it’s the crying mothers
And the dying children it’s actions we support to precede em’
Forgetting them since we spending money in the wrong things
We need weapons and enemies to start a war
New bomb on a new Saddam, so damn crazy
We living with terror we’re creating and call it democracy?
Knowing meaning of c.r.e.a.m. and jobs disappearing make me lazy
It’s steady being eyed and hearing lies, underdogs will survive
Multiply cause truth does hurt, so I break hearts
Leaving the mic with scars after 23 bars, reaching the stars
So I climb the highest mountains with thoughts I’m providing

I be around, just out of sight