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Living for death

Vår Hiphop - Lyricism


2004-11-02 23:24

Living for death

bara en vers.. blir en låt så småningom

I’m pondering on a beach where all the waves disembark //
Wanna forsake all the dark and the mistakes in ma life //
That’s why I’m hatin the tide, cuz it can always turn back //
While I will only hafta wonder why I haven’t earned that //

Let’s take it back to the days when everything was going fine //
I had the girl ov ma dreams, smart n’ lookin so divine //
You showed me life, though I had it hard to express it //
Fuck all of them who let you down, know that by God you’re accepted //
You’ve been blessed with a smile that gets me down on ma knees //
To describe you with words, just hafta count about three //
I tend to be the same despite the memories of pain //
Know that I’ve tried to exorcise ma inner enemies in vain //
You’ve been givin me hope, and now I’m livin for hope //
If I can’t have you, girl I might as well be slittin ma throat //
But I rather live in pain than to be hurtin ya feelins //
If you won’t come back, will you just give birth to ma children? //
We were serious, sumtin we made clear from the start //
And you know that I will always hold you dear to ma heart //
I put ma ears to the song n’ try da hear what is wrong //
Unconditional love suddenly tears me apart //
The third October, we agreed on goin separate ways //
22 beautiful months with you, I rest ma case //
I see you in ma dreams, real life jus slips away //
Nothing can compare to how much I miss you babe //

den är inte fastställd än om jag säger så ;)