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Graffiti Creator Sökes

Vår Hiphop - Graffiti


2012-06-07 00:07

Graffiti Creator Sökes

Hi there, everyone.

I am looking for somebody to help me with interior graffiti for my kids' room.

There are 2 walls (appx. 2X2.9 m2) to be used, you are more than welcome to apply your own creativity and vision except it should be related and inspired by
my kids (their names, favorite heroes etc...) This is planned to be done
in about 2-3 weeks from now in central Stockholm.

If you are interested, pls. contact me - let's discuss the deal and the details.

All the references are welcome.


2012-06-24 16:55
What do you get if you do it?
Jonte_salomonsson on instagram