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Why Do Most People Seperate "Style" And "Power" In Breaking?

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2008-12-04 19:45

Why Do Most People Seperate "Style" And "Power" In Breaking?

I´ll start this one off with a quote from a true legend in Hip Hop Culture:

Why not make FootWork as powerMoves and PowerMoves as FootWork?
(Quote By: "THE NEXT ONE").

Here´s another question that i´ve been thinking about..

Why Do Most People Seperate "Style" And "Power" In Breaking?

For me there´s no diffrence between the two. A Breaker should in my eyes have a little bit of everything. For me Style/Styles is something that you learn.
(Much like martial arts. Take for instance KungFu which has TigerStyle,CraneStyle,MonkeyStyle Etc.)
So Style/Styles for me is:
Diffrent TopRocks,Patterns,FootWork,LegWork,Freezes,Spins,PowerMoves Etc.
For me there´s no Breaking without a little of everything.
For me it´s the Flava the Personality and the Character that shows the diffrent Style/Styles best...
But then when i go to events and competetions i hear these terms and termonologys used seperately,and in sentences as: What do you do? PowerMoves or Style? This confuses me because i´ve never heard these terms and termonologys when i started dancing? It seems to be something that´s been coming more and more since around 2002-2003?

This takes me to another place in mind:

Breaking V.S. BreakDance? Or Breaker V.S BreakDancer?

I would like to hear how people in here look upon this/these questions?


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