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Intressant diskussion [åsikter..]

Vår Hiphop - Breaking


2007-12-23 03:46

Intressant diskussion [åsikter..]

Battlemonkeys från LA/Carlifornia westcoast området har battlat Thriple Threat (Luigi, FleaRock, Legacy), klassisk mer nyc bboying. Doknock från battlemonkeys dissar thriplethreats toprocks och det startar diskussion:

heres my 2 cents on that situation.,1st i wanna say this is not to start any drama or to diss anyone in BM..much respect to them..but heres what it looks like to some of us when anyone who call themselves a "BBOY" makes fun of top rock the way BM did vs SKMZ/SMC,,BM did it as to clown my boyz,,my boys dance that way as a form of honor to the tru skool heads,"KENNY,LEGS,FROSTY,CHINO,BRYAN,LIL LEP,etc"..so who are they really clowning!!??,,BM's not clowning SKMZ/SMC,,theyre clowning themselves since they are a BBOY crew who exist in the BBOY scene..some peeps respect what the elders did,so as a form of appreciation we try to carry on the fundamentals as well as keep up with the times..thats not the 1st time ive seen that happen,,ive been in battles where world known Bboys have done this "FSS JAPAN O3,tribal team"..its kinda whak to see that coming from dudes who are admired world wide as "BBOYS",,i mean if you think top rockin in any form is whak,,then why are you dancing to begin with!!!???!!!,,think about that next time you make fun of yourselves,your culture & the legends who paved the way for us..
heres another example,,just to show even more how whak that looks..
would you make fun of another BBOY who emulates the late great JAMES BROWN by mocking him?!?..if you did,,you would be dissin JAMES BROWN himself.not the BBOY who is tryin to preserve that vibe by admiring JB..
no1 in SKMZ/SMC made fun of DO KNOCK by doing some Michael Jackson mockery dance....now thats respect & an attitude i can def respect,,a winning attitude in my book..

Yo Teknyc and I've always had a lot of respect you but you got to be kidding me. Why you guys trippin about someone mocking your dance style? And suddenly that's like mocking James Brown? Nigga please, whenever someone goes into a battle it's a god damn battle, not some fucking make out session. If someone clowns on another bboy, then that bboy is free to shut them up by hitting the floor and proving they're better. And all of you say the same damn thing, "we're better because we represent the true art of bboying". I've never heard so much egotistical bullshit in all my life. If anyone thinks their style is the one true style and everything else is fake, then they're out of their god damn mind.

I guess some foundation heads need to convince themselves they're good while they're six stepping into a baby "in honor of crazy legs".



Jag håller med "ohwhatda" i hans svar. Man måste helatiden fortsätta leta efter sin egen stil, oavsett. Klassisk nyc foundation downrockstil är inte främjande för bboys som vill utveckla sin egen personliga style.. Det kan inte bara finnas en "korrekt" stil som alltid ska vinna tävlingar. Fler bboys som fått ner en bra foundation borde tänka på att ta det längre..

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