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2011-12-13 14:36


Börja battla nån så kör vi en fria bars bara gå loss svenska eller engelska !

The one and only AMOBANGI!

2012-01-26 10:41
Yo.... Amo Bangi, you must be a farmer in panties, no one seemz to tango with you

so i enter and start swingin´,like- what´s the matter, i´m that bermuda triangle

that you vanish and disappear in, and i aint even started swearin´-

Ill be tearing you a new anus, im the zaniest, my reign is established to cause

damage, im a savage psycho microphone dismanteler, challenge ya´, go hard out

like Tyson, you more seem to make folkz giggle, like Monty Python, the only reason

i got startled was cause the lights´s on- Damn youre ugly, i had to drop that line,

though i aint seen ya, cause i would if i ever would see ya, get drunk and then

cause amnesia, to my self, its a shame-oh, Amo, come on, hit me as hard as you

can, anyhow, if i gotta, i´ll come back, prove to you i´m tha man... ;)