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Rotlös vs. Sederos, Engelska, först till 3 votes.

Vår Hiphop - Battle & Cypher


2010-10-27 09:40

Rotlös vs. Sederos, Engelska, först till 3 votes.

Rotlös vs. Sederos, Engelska, först till 3 votes - kick it!

It's me vs rootless I'll make ur rhymes look useless
When I spit I leave bruises but when I kick it I leave u toothless

U cant fuck with me when I battle im ruthless my style is coop
My lines never flop when u spit its boring and simple like tomato soup

I break ur ego easily like alminium my rhymes can get u sick like uranium
when I spit I spit constantly like lama I got ur style look overated like Obama

I make my enemies fade like smoke everytime u grab the mic u choke
But when I grab the microphone I got emcees hangin from a rope

thinking battling me is a piece of cake was your greatest mistake
Even if ur dressed up I still make u feel naked if I spit 20 bars u would never make it

I invite you to sit, and take part of this furious feast
but you better resign before you're slaughtered by a chaotical beast
im a soldier of allah surrounded by storms of swords,
i'll attack and then pillage your village, followed by hordes of bores.
your boom bye bye wont work and you'll recieve no mercy from me
cause me and my crew - we're all afghanic mercenaries.
i utter: praise be to allah, he'll protect me from evil
you are godless and evil, filled with reject or dicieval.
now say your last prayer and then goodbye to your wife,
before i split you in half with my palm - son, i just ended your life.