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Karismatic VS. Den första som replyar!

Vår Hiphop - Battle & Cypher


2010-04-17 13:27

Karismatic VS. Den första som replyar!

I'm abit bored so I thought i'd write some bars, the first
one to reply can consider being challenged or " accepting " the battle.

Here I go

Karismatic known for strappin lines like a educated savage
the rhymes im packin will leave your organs battered
internally bleed n' the lesson will be that essentially
you can never beat me but I accept battles freely
vision impaired bastards, none of ya'll can see me
i'll explain briefly, whole persona revolves around beein creepy
I got bars like I was doin some kind of construction
supported by many but I dont need any crutches
you're a pussy, take offense in a major sense
reak of a vagrant stench while I remain a Ubermensch
you'll notice my bars hop and sometimes it dont make sense
guess my penmanship is irrelevant but i'm still heaven sent
not worthy of my writtens, bitch you lack in intelligence

Thats all, something of the top and for fun, hope to get someone
that replys!

Tell me how can the sickest still be a therapist?

2010-04-19 01:14
I brist på att ingen annan kickar nåt så får väl jag lägga upp nåt så länge.
Se det mer som en vänlig gest så att du inte går svarslös. men svarar du så är det inte omöjligt att jag svarar även på den, men är annars inget stort fan av att skriva på engelska.

teh W1LdZtyl3, internät reppin', the stylished savage,
kicking you out of my fuckin' woods, like i'm the blair witch,
straight out the wilderness, most voilent there is,
and i'm dissin' you so hard you wonder why you exist,

karismatic, just a kid with breath like an asthmatic
with static shit, that not even last for an hasch-addict
the battle, i'm at it, man, i got dissin' as an habit
and fuck a beat i rap to the sounds of my fuckin' jab hit

man, there's no such as heaven, still i was raised catholic
so you better change that tactic to go back doin' that crackshit
i got that cat shit, if i sense a mouse, i catch it
you got a dick up your ass, you can't sit, you litterly can't shit

you see my rhymes are hazard, they will get your ass sick,
and i might be 19, but i'm just as wild as jurassic
man, isn't it a bit wicked to call himself "karismatic",
when he only bangs this fat chick, he has lifeless in his attic?

and you say you're educated, right, tell us other histories
man, you are from the middle-east, can you be realistic, please?
you're among the bad mc's, all you got's a sad shore breeze
while my spittin's compared with that shit in new orleans

like when i come, bitches freeze, want to satisfy my needs
when karis come, bitches flees, they don wanna catch disease

- det var vad jag hann/orkade med ikväll. ha det!

2010-04-19 01:23
ta o skit i stavfelen.

2010-04-19 08:19
Tack man för din reply, ja godtar din gest synd att ingen ville hoppa på men props för att du svara nonetheless!
Tell me how can the sickest still be a therapist?

2010-04-19 15:08
inga problem, finner ändå ett nöje att skriva rim!

men fan, skriv nåt på svenska då, så kan jag lägga ett svar till den med.

du hade en del bra gung på myspace föresten.

2010-04-19 23:39
Tack man, jag är 95 % upplärd o hela sättet ja skriver runt amerikansk hiphop, kolla lyricism inlägget för de ja droppar på svenska, dock off the top men svenska nonetheless!
Tell me how can the sickest still be a therapist?