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whoa bestämmer the champ

Vår Hiphop - Battle & Cypher


2009-12-02 17:00

whoa bestämmer the champ

Oki, fick bara ett mail av Flipparen att han ville battle och dissa mig, skumt men ja..
Så han bad whoa bestämma vem av oss som ägde den andre..

Här kommer hans diss och mitt svar:


this goes out too medz and medz only
fuck you bitch
i go on you with my 9
allredy fucked your mom i do it all the time//
try to diss me back man i dont even break a sweat//
break you down and kill you vocabulary i aint even done yet//
slice up your body and eats you up at breakfast//
dont diss me cause i cant spell i alredy know that//
hunting you down with my baseball bat//
i know your style homeboy computernerd and very fat//
haha im from the suburb flemingsberg is where u find me at//
u dont even have the balls to come out here dude i see how you shake//
u aint nothing man ur fake//
i cant rhyme no more meet me one on one bitch fuck you and your family!

Ok, här är mitt svar på den:


Ok, well, that was one fucked up diss you pulled
like that FJORTIS you are, you've just been fooled
My mom has nottin to do with this beef-o-mine
so leave her alone, she died when I was nine
I know you don't break a sweat, when I diss you
cuz you is shivering like that bitch you are, yeah you
and you eat me up, even thou I'm fat?
dude, not even I would do that
flemmingsberg huh, well that just figures
never been there, but still give ya'll my middle fingers
yeah I flip off flipparen, that fuckin flop
I wrote shit, when you were still hooked on that song: "Mmmm-bop"
ok I just crossed the line, sorry all you gays
didn't mean to diss you too, oki well anyways
back to the topic, my nemesis
no not your lil'sis, this is just your diss
i don't bring in the family, this shit's between us
so jump off a cliff, or in front of a bus
why you huntin me down with a baseball bat
you sure you need it, cuz like you said, I'm fat..
sorry faggot I forgot,
this is not 'bout me, it's 'bout you
so I end this diss, with an honest, FUCK YOU TOO!

anyways, hoppas jag får ngt svar och får flipper att flytta till denna tråd ist..

anywho, take care.. // medz

(Inlägget ändrat av Killerzteve 2009-12-12 20:43:46)

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2009-12-08 13:58
tack tack PauseStop ;)
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2009-12-08 15:12
V: rond 1 medz
v: rond 2 flipparen
En bit av allt och inget

2009-12-10 11:14
Senaste dissen från Flopparen, ja menar Flipparen..



man..du aer fett keff!

you twenty eight years in age, dont you understand
you are a kid in a grown mans body, you dont understand
when I make a move you will understand backwards, Stand you Under
There's no Wonder unlike Stewie, but you can't simply see me
I am inhuman, my own kids tell me I am a cruel man
Because I dont give a shit about you Stan
Even if you wait in line for hours and say you my biggest fan
I do it so easy I know you are impressed
Does this storyline stick together if I put you to rest?
Give it your best, bring all your over-aged friends with you
I will beat you NYPD blue till I force the bitch in you, outside of you
Dont you know that your +Skillz+ are not +Mad+ anymore?
You can get two lifetimes in hiphop and you would still sound as poor
As ever before, you rock to softporn beats, claimin' hardcore
But what could be the reason a school teacher acts so hard for?
You couldn't win a battle over them kindergarden kids you babysittin'
+The Game+ you play make my +Blood+ run cold
Fold the track and cripple your ass with baseball bats so Crip-Walk on
Along me there is nobody...
Cause when I merc you, the police won't find no body!

och mitt svar:


Dude I know I'm a kid in a grown mans body
you gotta nurish the kid with in, buddy
talkin bout me bringing a friend?
didn't know we was gon' fight, but be sure,
this is the end
So you say my name is Stan
look at ya "lyrics" boy, wonder who's obsessed with Eminem
seriously, your claim for fame equals shame
why you highlightin' Blood and The Game?
you ain't neither, you's what we MEN call a dame
your not just an asshole, you're to blame
for the worlds bitgest disaster
so fuck you, you bastard
cool by the way that you bring you own kids in this diss
but comon hun, I honestly think you's gon' piss
on them
Even if you don't think so, "EMINEM"
I would give love to my kids,
if I had any, that is
ps. your bars makes no sense, like this:
I will beat you NYPD blue till I force the bitch in you, outside of you
I would break it down like this, if it was my diss:
NYPD Blue style I'll kick ya ass, with my knuckle brass
til I force the bitch in you, outside of you, buu hu huuu

But that's just me and I know
Everyone will crown me winner, you know
and yeah before I sign out, and before I forget
ps. you faded
you know softporn beats, they are underestimated
but I know they sound cool to you, they are X-rated
and if you don't undestand what that is
I suggest you go back to the top, and re-read my diss

// medz

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2009-12-10 13:08
v: r3: medz
r1: 4-0 till medz
r2: 0-2 till flipparen
r3: 1-0 till medz

hm, whats upp with the + marks? =S (+blood+ +the game+)

En bit av allt och inget

2009-12-10 13:44
ty, valentine.. :P
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2009-12-10 16:17
hahahah fan nu ser jag att ja skickat in fel jävla låt i denna tråd *asg*


Ska smälla in den rätta här snart.. *Asg*

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2009-12-10 16:48
har ju suttit med fönster uppe för battle & cypher, Lyricism och denna tråd, därför det blev fel då ja posta.. haha..
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