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Highdropdown, vs Trend

Vår Hiphop - Battle & Cypher


2009-09-24 17:10

Highdropdown, vs Trend


comin' up doin' the thing that i sure do best,
are you sure redbull gives wings? this dude got breasts,
you look like a bitch who went thru to many plastic operations, aaiit
like M.jackson after he swithced nations and became white!
i win this, no need to fight, no need to argue im always right,
im a real gory demon, who'll make you blow hard!
your like gordon freeman, runnin' around stupid with a crowbar
your'e slow tard, getting owned hard.. like a inprisoned jailguard


Man i'm stable, can't be touched now I got your ass hunted
These lyrics will make you bleed so lable me swedens most wanted
Think you win? I'll run a train on your as, don't take me for granted
Pussys like you talk about people after they're gone
Mentioning MJ switchin nationally, you talk shit from dusk to dawn'
Dude you must be depressed, I got breasts cuz I train hard
Bow down for me I own you like a crooked jailguard
Highdrowndown is hardheaded and unresponsive, only limited for 8 bars

langa voteeeeeess !:)

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