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HighDropDown vs Pewol(MADEVIL) - 8bars - 2 rounds

Vår Hiphop - Battle & Cypher


2009-08-14 11:21

HighDropDown vs Pewol(MADEVIL) - 8bars - 2 rounds

pewol (1)

yes you fell and your skills with it.. it drown
one thing is for sure, you never be on top
and I lyrically kill you so the safeword will be stop
I know you'll use it in your round
Funny aint it?! That battle against me
is the most famous you ever be
you got no skills to create flow so you take the lines you find
but you know inside in mind you can't drop one fucking lyric-diam..


funny you say it, cuz that's really how it is
after this battle, i'll be more famous than ludacris
for puttin' an end to your worthless life
roll the dice and slice up your wife with a knife
you just can't win, why are you even tryin'
your still end up being a bitch cryin'
lyin' your way up, tryin' to bring it
so grab hold of a line and swing it


funny I said you drown?
Damn, I didn't even had to kill you in my second round
Cuz you just did it yourself
and fucking with me is like fucking with hell
you will burn slow and sit in a 1 meter wide cell
Though, I gotta be honest, you almost toke me down with your smell
You run slow and have no clue of the word flow, you like the computer dell
and Im the devil himself, So great I own you with my words, nothing else


the devil himself just burned his ass,
you drowned me, but i returned with class,
i didn't think you were even half this bad,
your english sucks man, dude learn to spell,
how can you be the devil when i rule in hell?
how can you blame me when it's really u who smell?!
pewol going down, you just can't take it,
im grabing your fucking neck and break it'

Hope you'll enjoy

Först till 6 vinner.

Proppsup HighDropDown!

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