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TCM vs Anenkefali 8 bars engelska

Vår Hiphop - Battle & Cypher


2008-08-20 22:10

TCM vs Anenkefali 8 bars engelska

TCM(Epoch The Master Of Rhyme)

You think ur an MC, well you sure aint a DJ cause you cant scratch me
or hatch thee dope rhymes. I'm sick as hell and you still cant catch me
Dropping linguistics so dope that the white lines drips from my paper
Battling a wanna be rapper that loses to Eli Porter(HE DEED IT)
Give this man some skiiiiilllllss (HE NEED IT)
Predictions? Please, me lose to a guy who wasnt allowed into the movie +the freaks+?
He weak, I can name my product "the leak" and he cant flip shit, Misfit
Your "girlfriend"? I hit it, my big dick? I slipped it, in it, now nitpick.


My flow is like a dead clownfish, so bow bitch
cause I got bars of iron like old prison cells
and I'm always high on coke and brown ish
so give up, or I'll make you eat shotgun shells!

And when you meet me, there are no options left
cause when I cut off your dick, adoption's best!
Epoch The Master Of Rhyme, by the time you say "Hi!"
I'll point my 9mm at you screaming "DIE MOTHERFUCKER DIE!"

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