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yard rhymes [cipher]

Vår Hiphop - Battle & Cypher


2007-11-08 19:50

yard rhymes [cipher]

Ayo everybody hanging-out,
some chillin' some up to no good
some hustlin' makin' big bucks
some savin up that's the hood
10 niggas sharin' 2 family pizzas 4 bottles of coke,
give me a slice while we jokin around makin 
vaikation plans to ibiza, the party paradise, 
bettin' money an' shootin' dize 
wishin luck come by anytime soon now
time flyin' by half of my crew is goons now
I'm still hangin out watchin' looney toons
smokin' weed laugh an smiles,
still got the baggy jeans blak annorak
NY beanie white sneakes untied
now you know how it is the rugged an raw
wit dope metaphors it's daku the forceone
the dark son of the light ridin' dirty
wit the crowd folow my lead when spit it out loud 
Roll up the weed an Spark it pass it to the left hand side
who's the next to shine an delivere what's on yur mind?
young playas take yur time... 

"who's callin' the shots? we hit that man first..."

Disatisfaction bring change