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2007-07-02 21:52

tns vs ooraah

check this out Ooraah there's no way that you can diss this

because you love my shit, just like old bitches loves biscuits

you know it's like this, One OR Another AssHole I can handle

but you, you're a scandal, and me, I'm on fire like a candle

you are stupid offcourse, who go up against me unforced?

shit you must be stoned, have you been takin' some horse

yo I've already murdered you, but here comes my last line

you look like Urkel dude, fuck it, comparin' to you he's fine

dont think ur that good ,I dont like ur lyrics at all,
u might be good, but compared to me, ur pretty small
ballin' through this diss like a prank call,
u havent even seen my face, how can u know how i look,
but i have seen your face, on your picture, so ugly it left me shook,
even if there are many faces  on the picture, they all were ugly,
u'r even uglier then the Ugly Duckling,
u know that i rap, not like u, dont u sing?

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