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Brother-Bear vs Bazookahjoe english, 12 bars

Vår Hiphop - Battle & Cypher


2007-02-18 00:01

Brother-Bear vs Bazookahjoe english, 12 bars


Why do I even bother with this guy, he can't rap and can't hardly write
His style is like a one-way ticket, mine is versitile like a swiss army knife
When he read my lines he'll get furious and start double-clicking his mouse

When he's online my friend and I are at his house double licking his wife!

Ok, that was maybe a boring diss I know but why should I even bother?
In this war-like battle I'm the general and he's just cannon fodder..
But to show you that I am better than him we can speed up the pace
I'm leading the path in this haze and he's just following my trace
So stop where you are little Joe or you're might end up in my face
And you know you don't wanna be there just like mice in a maze
Got 2 bars more to convince all of you out there to vote for me
But remember that I'm miles ahead and he's not even close to me


This is character assassination at it´s very best.
Ayo star! How you gone front without Kevlar to cover ya chest??
NEWSFLASH: "You might have already lost",
like sweepstakes without the BS.
See, this herb ain´t gettin heard, 
so he´s pissed off, like a urin test! 
Meanwhile, MY shit get´s play, like Nintendo DS!
Dun ya rhymin seems forced, like non consensual sex,
Joe is somin´ like deodorant, I´m oh-so-fresh!
I murk mcees when they blunted, just to give em high deaf´!!
I´m simply hard to he core,
nuttin´ more nuttin´ less.
I apply stress, n´ man you can ax Gene,
you can´t "Hack it" when the pressure´s on,
Now I ain´t sayin you´re played out,
but ya style´s kinda worn.
You been warned, like Le-Toya,
this boy about to get "Torn".
I ain´t fakin no moves,
look, I hack this fool like a web server!
It´s BEEN murder, n´ I ain´t gotta speak on this further...

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