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steen17 Vs rodger_cn [

Vår Hiphop - Battle & Cypher


2006-11-19 14:55

steen17 Vs rodger_cn [

Ey-yo i'm steppin in grappin the mike and kicking cool shit//
u better consider if u hatein to lovin it//
im throwing my shit so fucking damn good//
I fuck u now, it's respekt for G-Hood//
im the real shit don't fuck with the don//
fuck with me and have a taste on my shoutgun//
listen to this carefuly I aint playin around//
fuck all the wannabeas caus im the real beast in town//
have u seen the moviemakers im the one with black coat//
i fuck u in the mouth and i go deepthroat//


Ey-yo C.N is coming thru whoa just to burn mcs//
but the one im going to diss suck so much , so im gettin the dirt of my shoulder//
U dont wanna mess with me, nor here nor anyplace//
I can see u havent growed a bit, still in the age of shit and piss//
are u going to diss or r u goin to talk about yourself?//
I can see one in town who sucks at dissin, even the fiddy wannabees is better//
But u have to listen even more carefully becuse u r bout to loose//
I am bossy becuse imma the director, boss u around like a dog.//
We all know that u like fresh young boys to have sexytime with//
So know ive stopped, i dont have to give no more//

försten till 7! ..

vilken platt och hög vägg c(=