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TNS VS SeeD (Engelska)

Vår Hiphop - Battle & Cypher


2006-11-19 10:54

TNS VS SeeD (Engelska)


I dont care if y'all dont think my rhymes ill/
im a novice rappa, battlin a guy with no skill/
he calls himself TNS, he got PMS/
o-din birthcontrol pills thinkin he's DMX/
b-b-b-bergaunit, thats prolly his wack label/
he thinks they fami, they gon stab his back like he's abel/
this the last time, i spit a fast line/
i cast aside my pen and smack his backspines/


man you must be the sadest G cuz you wonna battle me

but your rap is a tragedy yeah you live in a fantasy

but snap out of it this is reality, I'm the big boss in here

shit you have to admit that you are just a queer

SeeD, I feed your girl with my seed, with my cum

you must be dumb I dropped 8 bars so easy and I won

you see my shit and you go like damn but I haven't even begun

your style is like your dick no one feelin it

you rhyme like a bitch ho I'm killin it, DONE

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