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polyphonic vs. Truebella

Vår Hiphop - Battle & Cypher


2005-01-18 21:14

polyphonic vs. Truebella

Hello!My name is God-damn-Proud-to-be-me and what is yours?
Oh that's you? Is it true that you weep when I sing my chours?
Wait! IT'S YOU! Hell yeah! How did it end with that child trial?
Hey I whatched it all on tv, so is your decision still wild denial?
I cant believe you fucked all those kids Mr.Jackson! really why?
And they were all boys dude! That's sick! dont deny?freely reply.
Must have been something in your childhood that went wrong.
A outsider? your dad never learned you to represent'n belong?
Obviously no fucker.U disgust me, wake up n maybe rely others?
Stay in Neverland ya child-abuser and away from my brothers.
Dont hide behind a false identety! Keep it straight Trueballa.
I know who you are! Beat it! yeah me? I am a great Goodfella.

Poly..This guy's something outta the ordinary, in a bad way//
I fuck his face up like i was cassius clay//
Funny that you called me MJ when you´re macauly culkin//
I talked to the real Mj, he said you weren't even worth the fuckin//
You´re the kid that's into golden showers//
Like the pope, i strike you with a holy power//
Haha that punch line's made to be wack... Enough said//
I kick you in your ass so hard you end up ass a butthead//
You ever got a girl? I saw you and...FUCKFACE!//
Gay bitch, into corny shit... Tied up in ducktape//
I´m a nice guy, but not towards the ladies//
Ah im big pimpin' like jay-z//
I smack your face so hard with my baseball bat//
It´ll end up as a faceball bat//
You´re known as sweden's biiiiiigest cocksucker//
Haha, it's over... Stupid buttfucker.//

Sådär.... true varför skrev du 15 bars när vi bestämde 12? tssssss....

Först till 7! On your marks... get set.... GO!

"Har du druckit bärs, din jävla bäver?"