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iTalic vs polyphonic : Engelsk Battle

Vår Hiphop - Battle & Cypher


2004-11-28 19:22

iTalic vs polyphonic : Engelsk Battle


eyo, even if ya' older
ma' shit cracs your head like a boulder
what your doing is rather weak then rap
honestly, do you seak to colapse
i'll throw a fire in your mams bed
and reap the inside of your head
i don't give a fuck i someone says: i feel ya' sound
cuz' you ain't ever get a deal when i'm around


First and not at least dont you know to spell your existens, Rape?
Dont blame me to be weak, freak! U have'nt found your escape-
Come on dawg, anyone could do better then that creepy verse-
I really nodoubt it fucker, To fucked to even be drowsy perverse-
That's 4 done and 4 left! Do I even need to try? Language theft-
Eyo? You really are bereft, where's the rest? not on your Creft-
When U Competed with the movie Braindead you did cheated-
Bloodier: completed, Verbal act in this battle: obviously defeated

Blir nog antagligen bara en runda... om de blir mer så postas det i tråden så småningom... så sätt igång och rösta gott folk!

"Har du druckit bärs, din jävla bäver?"

2011-03-22 20:25
gay rap, its wack
your homo like jobro!!!
crasy rap i spit
lasy crap you did!!
you cant battle me
im crasy
like mental people!
i ripp rimes like
and then i kill youre rimes