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[Audio] Pigeon - Profound for a minute

Vår Hiphop - Audio & Video


2012-09-27 03:36

[Audio] Pigeon - Profound for a minute

Litet kvällsprojekt

2012-09-27 03:37
My life ain't a cinderella story
even though the relevant turns irrelevant when it's repellant for me
cuz, fun is fun and less is boring
and if it aint, go ahead and test it for me
cuz the, camera is on and I know it is
it's just that, I don't want to pose for it
the circle of life, you gotta go toe to toe with it
it's ok to be scared though illegal showing it
but there's a fine line between roaches and mice
and when you're standing alone, cold and at night, you'll know that I'm right
Think about it, it's always the same
when playing hard but you ain't... Playing cards in the rain
I try to keep myself distant, so it won't bother me
when it's hard to deal, by writing bars to beats
and a cloud is lifted, as I'm bound to spit it
the sound of wisdom lets me feel profound a minute
it can heal my wounds when I'm trapped within it
no matter how bad it itches, I won't scratch the stitches
cuz it's easier closing a box, than to open it
I guess it's just matter of knowing where your crowbar is
but fun is fun, and less is boring
so I turn the relevant irrelevant when it's repellant for me

Ok lets see if we can find some clarity
no matter how bad it seems there's always an upside

help me stay real so I don't faint in delusion
cuz being real always comes with a wave of conclusions
I can, try and find a path in it
cuz I'd rather deal with savages outside of the labyrinth
but, they always feed on my chest
so, is an illusion as real as it gets?
I don't know, but it's a nice way of thinkin
creates forgiveness and at the same time stay convincing
let's me forget the bullshit we're made to live in
without resorting to inhaling a haze of sins
cuz my place in this slave based, enabling
wage game has never really been a favourite
but if I play my part and stay awake in it
it may be harsh, but at least I'll stay sane in it
and with every word I write I'm on a way to changing it
even though some of you might be okay with this

2012-09-27 16:29
Fet fan!

2012-09-28 01:40
Tack så mycket! kul att det gillas :)

2012-09-30 16:06

2012-10-07 18:47