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[Audio] Heuz - Find my way

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2011-12-30 15:53

[Audio] Heuz - Find my way

Hey peeps, säg gärna vad ni tycker om den här korta låten =)


I know I'm blaze hot
Get them with the aim locked
Lyrics make em stay shocked
With that madness, stay loud
'bout time I reign out
I could rock the same spot
Threehundered million times
when I bust a rhymes
And I make em say wow
But wheres the mood at, I can't even do that
Your dudes blues pulls that, direction towards a new path
Had me saying screw rap,
but you know I can't do that
Cause half of time, The pain is found, I gotta use rap
And I'm sorry that you ain't the shit,
probably cause you're off beat
and you're lacking that pain ain't real
U should catch a train to hit
still won't be the same as this
But it aint no contest, to be honest
I would make us switch
So here you go, wanna slip in my shoes
You should be happy ain't to many people get to be Heuz
I keeps it cracking like I'm laughing, but don't get it confused
Don't give a fuck about you I don't mean it to be rude but now I'm

Tryina find my ways, but I can't see shit
Aint got time to play, Man in I'm in some deep shit
I wanna roll on, guess I gotta hold on
Tryina find some answers in this slow song

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