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[Audio] MC Weed & Arro - The sun day

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2011-03-19 13:35

[Audio] MC Weed & Arro - The sun day

MC Weed och Arro fuckar ur på micken.

Vers 1: MC Weed

Vers 2: Arro


It's nice to be important. But it's more important to be nice.

2011-03-19 13:46
Texten om någon är intresserad:

MC Weed
I got the sticky icky shizzle in my ziplocks
Everyday I'm hustlin - Call me Rick Ross
Shit dawg, I'm the best in the business
West is the best, you get shot if you diss this
Motherfucka, I'm the illest when I spit rhymes
Get down on the floor before i let my tech 9
Spray your face away - I blazed some haze today
Make me lemonade - I'm not your slave, okay?
Fuck you, Imma cruise in the wild west
Fuck you, Imma buy me some diamonds
I'm the bling bling-nigga, who the fuck are you?
I'm a gangsta man SHUT THE FUCK UP FOOL!

I'm a demon on the mic, but you can call me Jesus christ
I teach you how to rhyme, I put illegal in the pipe
No one in the game can be hotter
I split you in half, like when I'm slamming your daughter
And now we got a negro in the house, no doubt
The fucking negro's going wild, yeah
People ask me bout when I'm gonna be famous
I tell'em to be patient, no debatin, just wait out on the pavement
One day I will stack them dollars bro
Like no otherrrrrr
It's nice to be important. But it's more important to be nice.