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[audio] asma - d.o.s.r [illness]

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2009-12-06 18:41

[audio] asma - d.o.s.r [illness]

för er som inte vet är project ILLNESS up n rollin!
nytt sedan sist är covern och min sololåt "d.o.s.r" från ILLNESS.
milo did a great job, thank you for that man!
ILLNESS är en mixtape på 50 tracks, på proddade beats & instrumentaler, bestående av äldre men också helt nyinspelade tracks.
på tapeten är även My Demons med melina.

yea, i came from nuthin - still got nuthin
rappers aint nuthin - im still like fuck em
fuck em - bein humble did nuthin for me
been subtle for years instead of suckin a dick

im hungry - you lookin like somethin to eat
ill aim for ya head got brains stuck in my teeth
im insane in the brain cypress hill would agree
im unfuckwithable - aint nobody fuckin with me

recognize - i go deep with my lyrical skill
a serial killer killin cyllables only feelin the real
gimme a mill - no doubt ive earned it
less talk, gimme chalk for every crowd ill murder

--- my fire's loudly burnin
im timeless my style is foul and dirty
when i die bury me with owls and serpents
and a diagram on every dude my sound been merkin man


i dont hate you but i aint feelin ya vibe
no pride in what you done did no ILLNESS inside
we both know you aint got the power to dead it like i
did several times - who can say they better than i

ill sever ya lines man, im tellin ya twice man
doin classic rap still ahead of my time man
- nobody got the key to get in my mind man
pussyboy killin yaself - im lettin u die man

and im cussin these non bustin timestealin
rhymefuckas im not fuckin around im gonna
let everyone know they cant bust like i bust
ill bumrush yall til muthafuckas get nonplussed

---- you aint half as nice
if you where the half of me you still wouldnt be half as nice
- ya boo is "crackin" that ass is tight
its the truth, what it do? bitch pass the mic


there's a thousand names in sweden wantin to step
their game up frontin like they somethin to check
out - nah - lyrically im one of the best
feelin me got enough skill in me to cover the rest

-- fucking clown actin like you didnt hear
ill sit ya ass down faster than musical chairs
smell me? when im rappin you loosin ya head
bruisin ya head til ya noodles is oozin in there

yea - im bummy but you aint seein me short
im eatin my shorts before i turn media whore
im as deep as the core of the earth believe me im raw
not even em on jerry springer could even the score

peep me goin on and on - im all ya want
peelin people like allyawan like onions
im the muthafuckin king course they want me gone
lets get it said no respect for these corny pawns



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