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Dizzy - On The Right Way (ÄNGLALIK MIX) *Session*

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2009-07-16 03:36

Dizzy - On The Right Way (ÄNGLALIK MIX) *Session*

sha, spela in denna tidigare idag, o fick den mixat nu inatt av Änglalik. BIG UP!

hata,älska. do what you please the most.

Dizzy - On The Right Way(ÄNGLALIK MIX)

"Dizzy - On The Right Way"
Ive been, fighting so long
keepin my head up, tryna stay strong
tryna find my own way, what makes me someone
what makes me worth to remember, worth to know?
I gotta dream to pursue, aint lettin this loose
will get know around the globe, like Canadian goose
like a lipstick, I’ll be on peoples lips, yes
like a childhood, you aint gon forget this
all my life, I’ve been traveling up those fucking hills
and I made it by myself, I got a will of steel
titanium, unbreakable, incredible like the hulk
but then again look at all those years it took?
it was worth it, I love it, every tiny bit
for every tear or smile, is the fuel to what I spit
a laugh for every scream, a smile for every tear
I thank the lord for saving me, when the devil was here
but I keep going on, no matter how hard I got hit
wont hold on my breath untill I get somewhere with this