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Heuz - Getchu Twisted Krayzie Bone rap!!

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2009-03-26 20:48

Heuz - Getchu Twisted Krayzie Bone rap!!

tjaaa... jag satte mig och titta på lite videos av folk som rappade med bone thugs på youtube, så jag blev själv taggad att spela in en egen och tänkte varför inte pröva på Getchu Twisted av Krayzie Bone? så jag gjorde.. och d gick väl sådär! jag la lite saker offbeat när jag skulle sätta ihop reffen o så men skitsamma!.. denna är egentligen inte klar utan jag har tredje versen kvar och då tänkte jag fixa hela grejen!

men hursomhelst! SOV INTE PÅ DETTA WHOA.. och kom ihåg, jag har inte kunnat den här låten förr utan jag lärde mig den medans jag reccade (A)

Länk till http://www.speedyshare.com/613487381.html

You see me hit the ground runnin'
A hundred miles and still gunnin'
I might be the coldest nigga that ever done it
I hit 'em with the flow that'll get me paid
Money, at the same time in the game nigga can't touch this
Smooth with the roughness, thuggish ruggish
I put a little bit of singing with it, and they love it (Rugged)
Pull up on em in the bucket
Busted, lyrical killa to get dusted (dusted!!)
I can tell how you bite my style, you can mean good
But I'm finna shut 'em all down (all down)
All y'all fall down
Mista Sawed Off, raw dawg
I'm tellin' y'all now (y'all now)
Y'all better get ready for Ball'R Records and ThugLine
Caught up in the rapture, we got ya just after one rhyme
They don't really wanna get it on
They don't wanna see the Bone, Bone
We can take it to the middle of the floor yo, harass them niggaz
Get up in 'em like the po-po's
Still flow, so cold
Krayzie jackson blazin' at ya Aimed exactly atcha, gotcha
Shots will drop ya, fade ya propa
Rock the spot and make ya holla "Dolla bill y'all"
Make a mill with my real dawgs
watered down niggaz, I dont feel yall
Gotta kick it with the trill always, gotta chill with a ill squad
That'll really feel y'all, y'all, y'all
Bone still doin' it to 'em
No matter who in the room or who in the build'
No matter who close the show
You ask the party people who stole it though, they know

They don't really wanna rumble, ya seen us
Split 'em while I hit 'em
Nigga did him in the first verse
If y'all suckas wanna work, nigga take off ya skirt
and drop ya purse
And I'ma do you like it hurt (word up!)
Keep a Burna when I'm heated, get up in 'em like the automatic nine millimeter
Drop a bomb on a nigga
It's the, original thugs, the criminals love us
'Cause we give 'em somethin' to bump, the music is murder
Nigga y'all rememba "No Surrender"
Then we hit 'em up on the "First of Tha Month"
And everbody got scared when the niggaz said "Dear Mr Ouijia"
Now I'm up in the club, in the cut with the Thugs
Puffin' on bomb ass bud
Finna show 'em how to flow when I pour a lil mo' drinkie, drink off in my cup
I still take a lil' Hen mix it with a lil Gin
Shake, shake it all in (all in)
A lil' somethin' that I made up, sip it with a friend
New drink I call Syn (Syn)
And if you want it nigga' we can get it crackin'
We can get into some action if you really wanna battle me
Money on the wood make the bank go good Money outta sight might start a fight (aight?)
You ain't neva heard anotha like me
Smooth with the roughness and, sucka free
Show 'em how I do it for these, wannabes
I let them suckas know they ain't runnin' with none of these (nigga please)
So cold I better freeze anything, thinkin' they hot
Thinkin' they not, easy to drop
Nigga y'all can believe it or not
I'm back on the block
I'm takin' my spot back

Heuz - Big Boss Dawg