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[Audio] asma - true fire

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2008-12-23 12:19

[Audio] asma - true fire

asma - true fire

im tired of clowns - yall fake as fuck
invade my stuff ill cut u from the waste n up
with machetes there wont be no papercuts
ill eat yall raw like a fuckin cavemans lunch

ill punch the air outta ya chest
so hard ya heart'll wake up and get a cardiac arrest
u think u can bring it - bitch u hardly next
only rugged thing bout u is ya safari vest

im movin man - im ya sire now
ill bring ice on ya tape n put the fire out
ill put a fist in ya mouth til yall dyin out
and im ya gymteacher - ya time is OUT

fuck ladies - i dont need a lyin bitch
that grinds my dick as soon as define my shit
im in love with beats im fine with that
the blinding fact is im the real fire brräääh


i slay words and blaze herb my game work
towards papuur that shocks like some tazers
if my rage bursts then u'll soon be gone
ima one man army my kung fu is strong

u cant rap - u silly geek
ill moonwalk over ya ass - billie jean
feel the style of my bars yea they really clean
even if u were buried alive u couldnt be really deep

im guidin yall like some silly sheep
so shut the fuck up - thats the dilly peeps
how can yall claim that ur really really street
when ya momz makes ya dinner every evenin g

this is the era where the fakers shine
take ya time to enter this haters mind
n the chance of u chumps tryna bake my squad
is non existing - like my faith in god

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