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topsy kretts - rumbleness

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2007-11-11 01:57

topsy kretts - rumbleness


i nuked the seawhores // off my lawn, the seashore//
now they're falling like democracy, strucking my head//
temporarily abusing my love, the bed//
they inspire and they bounce// and they're still trying to pronounce//
the fucking spoken word that will crawl up along my head to my eagle nest//
where i gave birth to text// and to
my leadfilled heart// that failed to jumpstart//, it started to choke//
and broke// down and dangedy dang it hanged itself
covered in razor cuts// and with a face all messed up//
"i think your spotless mind missed a spot of makeup//"
oh that's alright, don't you mind you mindless creep//
watch me make you weep// and bleed// in your sleep//
i whispered to my reflections transparent face//
"i gaze// in your eyes// through the haze// and the lies//
i know who you truly are//.. run, you won't get far//"
at the end of the end//, there's a billion ends//
which one i choose depends// on how far i can transcend//
this world isn't big enough for both my hemispheres//
and my alternative reality which is filled with semi-cares//
i move swiftly//, like the knife of a child//
i won't make it past fifty//, 'cause i'm keeping it wildstyle//
i got a million pills//, they give me all of life's thrills//
i'm a personalised breakdown, but you can't make me// or break me//(haha, break me råkade vi visst klippa bort)
i moved out from the isolation// into a meditative state//
brainactivity stopped at all stations// between the past//
the hate// and revelations// that came like a blast//
time to face the facts// that i'm a cleptomaniac//
trying to relax// with alcohol streaming in my veins//
screaming for bloodstains// when i'm playing the game//
i have to wear it like a coffee stain//, the pain// from not being totally sane//
i got far less issues// than you got scartissues//
still hell of a lot// i fell of a lot// of chairs//
when i was a kid//, lost several cares//
and hid// them behind my eardrums//
so no bums// would interfere// with my fears//
i'm waiting for the drums to beat the beat i wanna beat to death.

en provlåt för att få lite kritik, om jag ska ge upp nu, eller fortsätta.
och ja, beatet är stulet av atmosphere. så ta bort den här låten så fort ni hört den ;)
och ja, det är många uttalsfel och dålig redigering, haha.
men som sagt, jag var inte så jättepetig och prövade inte att spela in den så många gånger.