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AZ släpper nytt album efter 4.5 år

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2005-07-11 17:16

AZ släpper nytt album efter 4.5 år

Så här skriver streeethop.com:

East New York native AZ was last heard in 2002 when he dropped his critically-acclaimed album AZiatic. Now, three years later, the only guest on Nas’ classic Illmatic is back once again with A.W.O.L.

Being released through AZ’s Quiet Money label in conjunction with Fastlife Music, A.W.O.L. is being hailed as another stellar chapter in AZ’s already impressive catalogue.

The first single and video is the DJ Premier laced “The Come up.” The album cuts “AZ’s Chillin” and “Never Change” have already been leaked to the streets and are being rotated by respected DJ’s like Kay Slay and Funk Flex.

Look for A.W.O.L. in record stores on August 23rd.