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nytt försök(vad tycker ni om mina låtar?)

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2006-05-06 13:19

nytt försök(vad tycker ni om mina låtar?)

det verkar som forumet "lyricism" enbart är för hiphop och jag hade inte tänkt mig en hiphop"karriär", så skulle jag vara tacksam om ni gav lite respons på mina nyskrivna låtar:

ska jag bara lägga ner mitt nyväckta musikaliska intresse eller "du är faktiskt inte så pjåkig". här kommer iaf tre låtar jag skrivit(har valt att kalla mig The great escape ).

The great escape - life goes on, so does she

I sit and reminisce
how can I not
you gave me so much
your ups with my downs
make me believe when
they say opposites attracts
and that's the basis

you cure the pain in my life
you are the core of my happiness
let me see you smile
let me feel no bitterness

life goes on, so does you
no reason to feel empitness
now I move too, boo,
even though my journey
is filled with bitterness
they say love is painful
how can I relate
in my hand your hand fits perfectly
make me think you my soulmate


being around you is a pure pleasure
being with you make me think I'm floating in the space
see half my soul take a small pace, what a big distaste
how can I ever forget
certain metaphysical bond
is hard to get even harder to interpret
still I hope you come back
and get me back on track
cus' life lika a ghost is not a life...

The great escape - a peaceful place

imagine a place free of sorrow
free of cold winds blowing
no one telling you what's right
a place where the night
is short and the day is bright
please take me away
please lead me on the right way

human race has lost their face
I need a queit and peaceful place
cus' human race has lost their face
help me, lead me, on the right trace

a place free of blood stains
a place where no one complains
in the Utopia people do care
run away from the burning sky
dare cross the fire
the time is right see my shadow pass by


look behind see the flames
look straight see the hopes,
the horizon, my feet hurting
but feel no pain no regrets
never turn back, seen a lot of cries
tired of ties heard too many lies...

The great escape - betrayed

my old man used to say I'm a fool
now I finally realize
all the trust was in vain
the payback hits you with a great pain
they tell you they care
but why don't they share
in a world where the winner takes it all
I refuse to be another brick in the wall

I've been betrayed
how can I ever believe
look into my eyes
don't tell me any more lies

some people pray
when they feeling down
I wonder will they ever understand
some are fed up being misled
tired of measuring souls in cred
as long there is a greed
some will always be in truly need


what makes you happy
what makes you feel crappy
my goal in life is not wealth
I choose truth and good health
I just wanna be able to believe
please make them stop deceive...

Jag bara måste:
jag kicka henne