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11/8 BURRO BANTON - Live - Inna Original Dancehall Stylee!!! @ Göta Källare

Klubb & Konserter - Stockholm


2011-07-25 18:50

11/8 BURRO BANTON - Live - Inna Original Dancehall Stylee!!! @ Göta Källare

Öland Roots and Soundkilla Present:

Burro Banton, born 1960 in Western Kingston, Jamaica, was influenced
by deejays such as Dillinger, U Brown and Ranking Trevor. He made his
stage debut as a deejay in 1976 at a talent contest, but started his career in earnest on the Roots Unlimited sound system alongside Josey
...Wales. Then he became the resident deejay for Gemini Sound, before he
started to work for Junjo Lawes' Volcano soundsystem. He went into the studio with this successful dancehall producer and recorded his
debut album "Burro" in 1983. In the eighties, Burru also worked with sounds like Stero Mars and the Kilamanjaro sound system, where he was
featured with Super Cat and Nicodemus.

As the nineties approached, Burro Banton continued working with Super
Cat on the Wild Apache label, where Burro recorded his first recording of
a #1 hit, "Boom Wah Dis." When Super Cat signed with Columbia/SME
Records, Burro Banton joined forces with the ace producer Bobby
Konders and the Massive label in 1991. Here, Burro Banton recorded
numerous #1 hits including "Washington Session", "Tek a
Set", "Westmoreland Sensi", and many more. Massive B released Burro's
second LP, “The Original Banton” in 1995. Burro continued recording
with Massive B, working with Steely and Clevie, one of Jamaica's most
respected production teams, for whom he reworked his earlier hit "Boom
Wah Dis" on their "Street Sweeper" riddim, scoring another #1 hit from
Kingston, Jamaica, to New York to Miami.

Burro Banton continues to record commercially successful and critically
acclaimed music, including recent hits such as “Badder Dan Dem”, which
is featured on the dedicated Massive B radio station in the
videogame “Grand Theft Auto IV”.

...Catch him Live in Stockholm – inna original dancehall stylee!!!

Alongside Soundkilla and guests:
Fast Forward Soundsystem & Miss Dj.

Biljetter: Förköp 230kr. + avg. Soundkilla, S:t Eriksg. 48, 08-6541400
I dörren: 300kr.

At: Göta Källare, T- Medborgarplatsen, 22:00-03:00

Namn: BURRO BANTON - Live - Inna Original Dancehall Stylee!!!

Plats: Göta Källare

Datum/Tid: 2011-08-11 22:00-03:00


Kostnad: 230

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Reggae Specialist

2011-07-26 21:25
Soundkilla and Öland Roots announcement:

Greetings! Please note that Burro Banton has cancelled his forthcoming European tour (for reasons unknown), and the planned show in Stockholm (11/8 Göta Källare) is thus also cancelled. Hopefully we will get another chance to book Burro for a show in the near future.
Reggae Specialist

2011-07-26 21:27
Please admin, remove this thread. Thank you!
Reggae Specialist