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27/11 All Out Dubstep pres: CHEF & MC CRAZY-D (UK) @ Inkonst

Klubb & Konserter - Skåne


2009-11-22 23:47

27/11 All Out Dubstep pres: CHEF & MC CRAZY-D (UK) @ Inkonst

Då var det dags för årets sista All Out Dubstep i Malmö. Vi passar på att ta över två av de främsta inom scenen som varit med sen day 1.
CHEF (UK) som är resident på Rinse.fm, FWD och turnerar hela världen, är en av de främsta att pusha ny dubstep, funky, garage mm och är alltid up to date när det gäller tunes.

Uppbackad av CRAZY-D (UK) som har en radioshow på Kiss Fm, resident på FWD och Why Not - Ministry of Sound.
Med över 10år in the game är han en av de mest erfarna MCs där ute just nu! "Whou Whou Whouuu"

Extra Extra! Vi är grymt stolta att SAN-ONE nu också kommer och gästar oss den 27:e. Vi kommer bygga ett nytt litet dansgolv i "entrén" på Inkonst så man hamnar direkt på festen liksom. Blir ju fett det här!


----------- ALL OUT DUBSTEP - MALMÖ -----------


CHEF, rinse.fm, FWD, ringo rec, transition (UK)
L-WIZ, dubpolice, all out dubstep, red volyme
IRK, all out dubstep, traffic, friendly fire
I&I, all out dubstep, wobble


SAN-ONE, kartellen, The booty n the beat

@ INKONST, bergsgatan 29, 60sek & Happy Hour b4 00.00, 120sek after. Doors; 23.00-03.00





One of the pioneering DJ's of Dubstep, 23 years young Chefal aka Chef, hailing from the home of Dubstep, Croydon, South London has been mixing for 13 years.

Chefal's upfront selection and skills on the decks have led to him djing to all corners off the globe from Vancouver in Canada to Christchurch in New Zealand. Over the last year Chef has been spreading the Dubstep virus from UK towns and cities such as Croydon, Brixton, Nottingham, Brighton, Exeter, Newport, Norwich, Portsmouth, Bristol, Leicester, Leeds, Manchester, Birmingham, Glasgow in Scotland, Cardiff in Wales, Dublin in Ireland and Guernsey in the British Isles etc to major towns and cities all around the world such as Seattle, LA, Chicago, San Fransisco and New York in America. Vancouver and Montreal in Canada to Amsterdam and Uterecht, Holland --- Ghent, Brussels and Antwerp, Belgium --- Copenhagen, Denmark --- Helsiniki, Finland --- Vienna, Austria --- Tel Aviv, Israel, --- Prague, Czech Republic --- Munich and Frankfurt, Germany --- Paris, France --- Budapest, Hungary --- Basel, Switzerland, --- Croatia --- Stockholm, Gothenburg and Malmo, Sweden --- Wellington, Dunedin, Auckland and Christhchurch, New Zealand!! His list is endless, for a Dubstep DJ without a single release in the shops or online this is a unique achievement and is a merit of Chefals DJ skills.

Chefal is a resident at the two pioneering Dubstep nights in London DMZ and FWD and one of Bristols top Nights Hench which has now moved to a monthly at The Tube. Chefal is also a resident at club nights outside of the UK including Slam It! which is a bi-monthly event in Helsinki, Finland and also Voodoo People in Amsterdam, Holland and All Out Dubstep in Sweden!!!

Chefal has been hosting a weekly Radio Show on London's leading Rinse Fm (14 years on air) for nearly 5 years. When Chefal isn't playing the latest dubs at raves he's busy making them @ Transition Studios, while training to become a Mastering Engineer and managing the mighty Ringo Records, Sub Freq Records and pulling the strings with Osiris behind the London/Amsterdam run label Subbalicious Records!!

From the early secondary school days, Chefal was spending all his pocket and dinner money on the latest Jungle down at Big Apple on a Friday. He grew up listening to stations like Kool Fm, Weekend Rush, Rinse, Upfront, London Underground etc while playing Mario and Streetfighter in his bedroom.

Chefal Started listening to and buying House n Garage around 1997, when it got darker and more bassline influenced but still kept up to date with the Jungle and D'n'B until bout 2002. Chefal's sound that he's pushing FWD>> foremost is Dubstep and the best bassed out Grimey beats. ''For me it’s the bassline that makes me feel a tune'', .

Chefal hooked up with Benga and Skream many years back through Big Apple Records (Croydon) and has been the main DJ in the crew, Smooth Kriminals since so Benga and Skream could concentrate on the production side of things but watch out for some beats from Chefal soon. Chefal rinses out the freshet dubz first from everybody who’s sound he's feeling including... Benga and Skream, Digital Mystikz, Loefah, L.D, Plastician, Cyrus, Tubby, N-Type, Conquest and Silkie, Walsh, Martyn, Burial, Kode 9, Clue Kid and Cotti, Pinch, Jakes, Kutz, Joker, Distance, Hijak, Kromestar n Cessman etc to name a few.

The main ingredients of Chef's sets are energy and deep sub basslines whether it’s a half step roller or a 4x4 banger, anything goes. Chefal plays right across the board covering the full Dubstep spectrum, if Chefal likes it he’ll play it, simple. ''I play for the crowd and myself, if I’m not having a good time how can I expect the listeners and ravers to''? This year watch out for Chefal pushing some fresh talented producers including L.D, Mr P, Clue Kid n Cotti(4n4mat), Dcoy, Reptile, Point, 15's, Aggro, Pinch, Conquest and Zomby. Catch Chef djing @ DMZ and FWD on a regular (It's what Dubstep's about) and other events such as Subloaded, Skull Disco, SubDub, Dirty Canvas, Cor Blimey, D.O.T.S, Dubpressure, Renegade Hardware and Breakin Science pushing the Dubstep sound. Chef had been show surfing on a lot of the best and worst pirates, south of the river for over 7 years until he found his home @ Rinse Fm early 2004. It's all about Bass!!



Crazy D is the MC of choice for many of dubstep's hottest artists, such as Hatcha, N-Type and Benga. Holding down the mic for FWD and DMZ, he also appears weekly on the Kiss 100 FM dubstep show with Hatcha.


www.ff-dvd.com / www.clubtraffic.org
www.myspace.com/clubtraffic / www.myspace.com/alloutdubstep
www.myspace.com/stucklife / www.stucklife.com