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Urban arts Malmö(sofielund) denna helgen!

Klubb & Konserter - Skåne


2009-05-29 00:19

Urban arts Malmö(sofielund) denna helgen!

hoppas folk känner till detta!

International Urban Arts Manifestation Malmö 2009

International Urban Arts Manifestation Malmö 2009

The fesivals concept is to shed light and recognition to and on,all the UrbanArtz xpressions and their crafts. The main focus is on Hip Hop Culture and all of it´z 5 elementz such as:
Djíng/Turntableism - Rapping/EmCeeíng - StreetDance/Breaking - Graff./Writing And Knowledge! We will be doin´ this by the help of: Panels,Seminars,WorkShops,Hands On Approach,Visual Education,Audio Education And By Pressence Of Self!Knowledge We Will Create Together Through: Peace,Love,Unity And Having Fun!

Get Into It! Get Involved!



Music Artists:
Wildchild - Los Angeles
Jeru Tha Damaja - New York
J.Wells - Atlanta
Styliztik Jones - Los Angeles

D.J. Hazze - Los Angeles
O.S.T.R. - Lodz, Poland
En3verso - Chile/Sweden
Noname - Sweden
Sindri & D.T. - Sweden
BabYMike - Sweden
Static - Sweden
Komodo - Colombia/Sweden
Lucian - Sweden
Ill Knowledge - Sweden
Roccspotz - Sweden

K-Skillz - Washington DC
EB & Noodlebreak (Sweden)
Americol (Sweden)
P.J. (Sweden)
More to be announced!

Inbetween Gallery:
During the manifestation we present 5 exhibitions in the city. Maps you'll find at the manifestation and at cfuk.se.
- Akay
- Malmö Streets project
- Brad Downey (NY, Berlin)
- U&IR1
- nu tar vi gatan igen - wrede, en människa, bomby, sch, damesaik, ms.pan och pani

On The Walls
The theme is HipHop International Style with focus on lettering. Line-up:
Wane, DocTC5, Sye & Ket (NY)
Kacao77 & Zebster (Germany)
Kaos & Skil (Sweden)
Soten, Tele & Swet (Denmark)
Cider (Thailand)
Ridder, Eksm, Kazy, Jame (Norway)
Egs, Trama & Sign 104 (Finland)
Cat 22 (Holland)
Limpo (Brazil)
Zero-T (Italy)
Scheme (Russia)
Timski (Holland)
Daze Roc (San Diego)
Inti & Hes (Chile)

On The Ground
Proudly presenting confirmed and attending artists and groups for the ground. Pioneers and living legends:
"FREEZE" (Stockholm), "ROB-ONE" (Stockholm), "DAZE-ROC" (San Diego), "SIDESHOW-BOB" (Stockholm), "SKEEME-RICHARDS" (Philadelphia), "KID-SKRAAM" (Malmö), "KING-FOOLISH" (Gothenburg), "ANTOPIO" (FI), "ALIEN-NESS" (NY), "SOULTROTTER" (HO), "YOSOFINE" (Stockholm), "PHEYO" (Stockholm), "STARIKA" (Stockholm), "WHICH-WAY-SHA" (Gothenburg), "MIZZ.MARI" (Gothenburg), "GROOVY" (Gothenburg), "K-SUN" (Gothenburg), "WILDCATS" (DK), "NAT" (DK), "KING-TIMSKI" (HO), "STIGPAA" (NO), "WARY THE WARRIOR" (FR), "KING-LIFE" (Malmö), "BIG MACIN" (Malmö)

+ Whacked! - upcoming Street Dance festival June 26-27 2009 - Show Case, film screening och possibility to apply

Gallery Studio Seved:
Weapon of Choice
Studio Seved, Rasmusgatan 24, Malmö.
29-30 May at 14-20.

Hosted by:
CFUK - Center For Urban Art

More to be announced!

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