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2007-11-30 11:27

The Dark Knight

Vad tror ni? Jag tror den kommer bli grym, Nolan kan nog inte göra en besviken. Läste lite text från en intervju i Empire;

"Heath Ledger stunned me," continues Caine. "Jack played the clown as sort of a benign nasty clown - like a wicked uncle. Heath plays him like an absolutely maniacal murderous psychopath. You have never seen anything like it in your life. He is very, very scary. i turn up every few months or so and do a couple of bits, then go back to London. i had to do this bit where Batman and I watch a video which The Joker sends to threaten us. So I'd never seen him, and then he came on the television in the first rehearsal and I completely forgot my lines. I flipped, because it was so stunning, it was quite amazing. Wait until you see it, it's incredible."

Låter grymt.

Heath som The Joker.